Motor Vehicle Office


Additional License Information

Renewing a Driver's License or Non-Driver ID Card

Medical Conditions of a Driver and Accident Re-examination

License Fees

  • Amendment: $12.50 (Examples include adding Motorcycle to your license, upgrading to a REAL ID, etc)
  • Renew Operator's D or DJ: *$64.50 (Valid for 8 years.)
  • Renew Class E: *$112.50 (Valid for 8 years.)
  • Renew CDL License: *$164.50 (Valid for 8 years.)
  • Renewing any license with a Motorcycle Endorsement: Add $8.00
  • Original Class D, DJ, M or MJ Permit: *$64.25 - $110.00 (Based on age at date of application.) Average cost for a 16 year old DJ permit is *$92.50
  • Motorcycle Permit: $23.50
  • Add motorcycle endorsement after permit: $12.50
  • Duplicate Driver's License or Permit: $17.50
  • Non-Driver ID Card: $ 9.00 to $10.00 (short-term ID)  or $13.00 to $14.00 (long-term ID)  Reduced Fee ID Cards $6.50 for 62 or older or SSI recipients (must provide proof of SSI benefit)
  • Duplicate ID Card: $8.00 (or $6.50 if reduced fee applies)
  • Transferring from another state: Average cost *$55.00 (operator's license); *$117.50 (commercial driver's license)  
  • Abstract: $10.00
  • Upgrade to an Enhanced License $30 plus $12.50 NYS Photo Fee, Total $42.50 (This fee does not include off cycle renewal charge.)

*Additional MCTD (Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District) fees are not reflected in this schedule.  If you live in the counties of; Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Westchester, Nassau, or Suffolk the fees will be adjusted $1.00 for each 6 month interval of the documents valid period.  All fees may be adjusted as set forth in the V&T Law.

Moving in From Another State (Reciprocity)

If you are coming into New York State from another state or Canada and your license has been in effect for 6 months and is not expired more than 1 year, you may apply for a New York State driver's license. You must have your out-of-state photo driver's license, original social security card and at least 2 additional points of identification and residency proof from form ID-44 . You will need to present an original or certified birth certificate issued by a Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics or US State Department. (Hospital birth certificates are NOT acceptable.) You must pass an eye test and surrender your out-of-state photo driver's license.

License/Permit/NDID Amendments

If you are trying to change or amend your name, physical description, date of birth or the restrictions on your permit, driver's license or non-driver's ID card, you must come to a Motor Vehicle office in person with your current document and proof of the change that is to be made. A certified marriage certificate, a certified copy of court order of name change or certified birth certificate would be required. A name change requires a new photo.

If Your Photo Document is Lost or Stolen

To replace your driver license, learner permit, or non-driver photo ID card you can:
Apply at our Motor Vehicle Office by completing form MV-44 for a state photo document, a Real I.D. or an Enhanced License. Bring proof of identity that has a value of six points to get a duplicate of your driver license, learner permit or non-driver photo ID card.

- Come into the DMV and do it paperless!  If your license/permit/non-driver ID isn't expired, is not suspended/revoked/cancelled, and your address hasn't changed, you can come in and we will pull your image up from our system.  We will use that as ID and you won't even have to fill out a form!

If your driver license or your learner permit was lost or stolen because of a crime: Get form MV-78B from a police agency. This form is available only from police agencies, not from the DMV. Make a photocopy of the form for your records. Complete the license application form MV-44
Bring the form and the original MV-78B form to a DMV office. There is no fee to replace your driver license or your learner permit if the MV-78B shows that the document was stolen. Note: You cannot fraudulently use form MV-78B to replace a non-driver photo ID card for no fee.

Duplicate License/Permits, Non Driver ID, Drivers Abstract

You may apply for Duplicate Driver's Licenses, Permits, Non-Driver ID or a Driver's Abstract in person at the Motor Vehicle office. You will be required to present 6 points of identification from form ID-44 or the staff will retrieve your image from our files if an image is available for you.