County Treasurer

County Treasurer / Real Property

County Building I
15 Main Street
Batavia, New York 14020
Tax & Finance (585) 815-7803
Real Property (585) 815-7808



Scott D. German, County Treasurer
Kevin J. Andrews, Deputy Treasurer / Director RPTS


To continue to provide the best quality of service the residents and departments of the County expect and deserve from the County Treasurer’s Office, and to provide taxpayers with a fair and equitable administration of the real property tax.

Department Description

The Treasurer’s Office is a mandated department by New York State and County law.  The department is responsible for fiscal management for the county including fiscal records, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, tax collection, and cash management.  All Genesee County residents and County departments benefit from the services provided by the Treasurer’s Office.  In 2023, the Treasurer’s Office monitored all activities for; accounted for; a $162,675,497 total adopted budget.

The Treasurer’s Office is a true asset to the employees and residents of Genesee County. Numerous functions are handled in the Treasurer’s Office that often goes overlooked.  Some of these lesser known responsibilities include the issuance of Certificates of Residency to approximately 200 students annually, the maintenance of bail funds and court & trust monies, the receipt and distribution of both sales tax and mortgage tax monies to local municipalities, the collection and distribution of bed tax monies, along with various other tasks.

Starting in 2010, the Treasurer’s Office was merged with the Real Property Tax Services Department.  The merged department is now just known as the Treasurer’s Office.  The Real Property Tax Services Division of the Treasurer’s Office exists to assist and support all municipalities within Genesee County with their responsibilities to provide for a fair and equitable administration of the real property tax.  The division provides many services which benefit individuals as well as municipal representatives and business people.

Some of the services provided are:

  1. The coordination and training of Board of Assessment Review members and county assessment personnel in procedures established by State Law.
  2. Assessment related data processing services such as assessment rolls and bills, appraisal market and cost documents, mandatory State reports and public information reports.
  3. Tax map services. Tax maps are maintained for all properties in the County and owner index cards are maintained using an online database for all Real Property throughout the County.
  4. Information resource. A large amount of Real Property related information is available to the public through our Office or online.  The local taxpayers use this data to gather information and forms on how to work with the property tax system to accomplish their needs. Information on how to challenge their assessments and exemption eligibility are two of the common topics that individuals research. The business community, on a daily basis, also accesses data from this Office and has found the online data extremely beneficial which assists them in performing their jobs from their offices.  Realtors, attorneys, appraisers, surveyors, bankers and title searchers are some of the persons who rely on this data.