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Genesee County Jail
14 West Main Street
P. O. Box 151
Batavia, New York 14021

Phone number: (585) 343 – 0838
Fax number: (585) 344 – 0236

The Jail Bureau of the Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility of meeting the Department’s Mission concerning the corrections function.  The functions of the Jail Bureau include: proper care, custody, treatment, supervision, discipline and correctional programs for all persons committed to the custody of the Sheriff; assure compliance with the laws, codes, rules and regulations for the operation and management of the County Jail; and create conditions and opportunities for inmates to increase their abilities to function in society as productive, law-abiding citizens.

County Law, Article 17, Section 650 acknowledges the Sheriff as an Officer of the Court; Correction Law, Article 20, Section 500C designates the Sheriff as custodian of the County Jail.  The Correction Law further states that the Sheriff shall receive and safely keep all persons lawfully committed to his custody for safekeeping, examination or trial, or as a witness, committed or sentenced to imprisonment, or committed for contempt.  The benefactors of the activities of the Jail Bureau are the inmates themselves, as well as the general public.


The Genesee County Jail was originally built in 1903, with several modifications since then and has an authorized capacity of 87 prisoners.  The jail staff consists of full-time Correction Officers,  first-line supervisors (Senior Correction Officers), part-time Correction Officers, a full-time Cook Manager, part-time Cooks, Medical Staff (a full-time Nurse, a contracted Nurse Practitioner and a Medical Director), a Financial Management Assistant, and a Jail Superintendent.  The Sheriff has the overall responsibility and accountability for the administration and operation of the jail. maximumsecurity

The New York State Commission of Correction oversees correctional facilities within New York State, including the Genesee County Jail, by establishing Minimum Standards for the care, custody, correctional treatment, supervision, discipline and other correctional programs for all persons confined.  The Minimum Standards promulgated by the State Commission of Correction addresses areas such as food services, visitation, religion, exercise, legal services, grievance programs and health services, to name a few.  The Commission visits and inspects the jail to ensure compliance with the Minimum Standards.

visiting The Genesee County Jail administers an "Education for Incarcerated Youth Program" which allows youthful inmates to continue their education and obtain a G.E.D.  The program also has a transition counselor who assists pre-discharged inmates in maintaining their education and assists them in finding employment.

The Genesee County Jail also offers numerous spiritual programs for inmates of various denominations.  Anyone interested in employment at the Genesee County Jail should contact the Genesee County Human Resources Office at 585-344-2550, Ext. 2220.  A civil service examination is required.

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Visitation Schedule

  • VISITS START PROMPTLY AT APPOINTED TIME, visitors MUST be in the lobby at the top of the hour (ie: 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm).
  • Visitors who are not present at the top of the hour, but arrive late, will be offered a "walk-in" visit for the next available visitation slot.  If space is not available, the visit may be scheduled for the next available day.

  • The visits are divided into (3) three 45- minute appointments per week.

  • The visitation schedule is as follows:

          Monday - Thursday      12:15pm - 7:00pm
          Friday                             NO VISITS
          Saturday                        12:15pm - 7:00pm
          Sunday                           12:15pm - 2:15pm, 4:15pm - 7:00pm

          There are also no visits on Thanksgiving or Christmas

  • Visits are by appointment only, first-come, first-served basis; and a 24-hour notice is strongly recommended.  Visits are scheduled every hour during the times listed above.

  • All inmates may receive an intake visit within 24 hours of booking. 

  • The maximum amount of visitors is (3) three.

  • Additions to a visit must be made 24 hours prior to the time of the scheduled visit.

  • All visitors must provide acceptable picture identification.

  • All visitors must sign in separately and fully list all information requested on visitor sign in form.

  • Visitors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian with acceptable photo ID.

  • Please remember your scheduled visit times or write them down.

Visitation Rules

  • Our visits are contact visits.  You will be allowed brief contact at the beginning and end of your visit but not during your visit.  A brief kiss or hug over the table area is acceptable.  Excessive contact is not allowed. 

  • Children must remain on the visitor’s side of the divider and remain seated and under control at all times.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The opening at the end of the divider is for jail staff only.  Please do not stand in this area.

  • Passing of any items in the visitation room without the officer's permission will not be permitted and possible criminal charges may be filed.

  • Improper conduct and/or vulgar language are not permitted.  Any willful or repeated violations could cause visitation privileges to be suspended or revoked.

  • Proper clothing is required.  No gang colors or symbols allowed.

  • Lockers are available prior to entering the visitation room.  You are required to empty ALL pockets of ANY loose items and place them into a chosen locker.  Lockers may be locked with the placement of a quarter.  Emergency medication will be given to the officer prior to entry and will remain with the officer unless needed.

  • Visitor’s jackets are to be hung on the coat rack or placed in a locker.  Lightweight sweaters and hooded sweatshirts are permitted at the officer's discretion.

  • Headband, caps, dew rags or other head gear are not permitted in the visitation area. 

  • Officer may inspect visitor's mouth, if necessary.

  • Infants are allowed into the visitation room along with one (1) filled bottle; one (1) pacifier; one (1) burp cloth or small baby blanket; and one (1) solid, non-metal toy with no loose pieces (ie: plastic keys or baby tether).  Car seats, strollers or other devices are not allowed. 

  • Visitors are not allowed into the Genesee County Jail under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


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Inmate Outgoing Phone System

Each inmate has a telephone available to them from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm daily.  If you are experiencing difficulty with receiving calls from an inmate, you should check with your telephone company.

I’m having trouble getting collect calls from the jail; who do I call? Contact your phone company and disable all special calling features such as call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, etc.  If that does not correct the problem, call 1-866-230-7761 or go to www.GTL.net

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Cash bail can be posted at the Genesee County Jail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Photo identification is required when posting bail.  Bail bondsmen can be located in the yellow pages of your telephone directory.

Note: The return of bail money is handled by the presiding court.  All bail money collected at the Genesee County Jail is forwarded to the appropriate court.

Alabama Town Court       (585) 948-9341
Alexander Town Court     (585) 591-8165
Batavia City Court           (585) 344-2550
Batavia Town Court         (585) 343-1729
Bergen Town/Village       (585) 494-1121
Bethany Town Court        (585) 343-1399
Byron Town Court            (585) 548-7123
Corfu Village Court          (585) 599-3327
Darien Town Court           (585) 547-2274
Elba Town/Village Court  (585) 757-9200
Family Court Genesee      (585) 344-2550
Genesee County Court     (585) 344-2550
LeRoy Town Court           (585) 768-6910
Oakfield Village Court      (585) 948-5835
Oakfield Town Court        (585) 948-5862
Pavilion Town Court         (585) 584-3850
Pembroke Town Court     (585) 599-4817
Stafford Town Court        (585) 344-1554

Bail can also be posted using a credit card (Discover, VISA, MasterCard, or American Express).  Credit card transactions are processed through a third-party provider.  A non-eefundable fee for service will be added to the total bail amount

Or you can now pay for an inmate's bail online by clicking on the logo below.


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Incoming Mail

Only U.S. Postal Service mail will be accepted for inmates in the Genesee County Jail.  Please address all mail for inmates to:

(Inmate's Complete Name)
Genesee County Jail
P.O. Box 151
Batavia, NY 14021-0151

All incoming mail received at the Genesee County Jail is logged when received and inspected for any type of contraband.  The attempt to transfer contraband through the mail will result in the filing of criminal charges against those responsible.  In general, a basic letter or typing paper is permitted.  Mail containing STICKERS, STAPLES, PAPERCLIPS, WHITE-OUT, HEAVY CRAYON, OR TAPE ON THE PAPER OR ENVELOPES will not be accepted.  All address labels and stamps will be removed by the officer inspecting the mail.  All return addresses must include complete first and last name of the sender.

What if the mail I send did not arrive?  Please have the inmate check with an officer to see if the mail was logged as entering into the facility.  If the mail has not been logged in, please contact the postal service and request a "trace" be placed on that particular piece of mail.

What if an inmate leaves before the mail gets there?  All mail received for non-inmates will be "returned to sender", provided that a complete and readable return address is visible.

What else can and cannot be sent through the mail?  Money orders in the inmate's name CAN BE sent.  You should always be cautious sending cash money through the mail.

NO food, NO clothes, NO bookmarks, NO plastic cards, NO smelly paper, NO phone cards.  **RULE OF THUMB** If you are not sure, then DO NOT SEND it.

Is there a limit as to the amount of incoming mail an inmate can receive?  NO; we encourage correspondence.

Can I drop off a note or letter to the jail?  NO; all mail, letters, notes, etc. must be received though the U.S. Mail.

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Commonly Asked Questions:

What can I drop off for an inmate?

  • Up to five (5) photographs.  NOTE: Polaroids are NOT acceptable.
  • Up to three (3) magazines.  Adult magazines are accepted, however, content should be limited to non-penetration photography.
  • Up to three (3) paperback books.
  • Two (2) newspapers daily.
  • Money.  Inmates are allowed to purchase food items, cosmetics and other items weekly from our commissary, up to $80 per week.  Commissary orders are placed Sunday morning and delivered Monday or Tuesday, ex holiday changes.  Cash can be left with the control room officer and will be deposited in the inmate's account.  Please maintain copies of your receipts.
  • Three (3) white pair of underwear, socks, or t-shirts (must be NEW, in an unopened retail package).
  • One (1) thermal undershirt (must be white, off white, and in an unopened retail package)

All acceptable property that is dropped off should have the inmate's name clearly written on it.  For publications, the name should be on the outer cover or, if necessary, on the inside front page.  Photos should be marked on the back. 

NO MESSAGES should be written on any dropped off item.  Messages are considered correspondence and need to be mailed, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

How many people can visit an inmate during the scheduled time?  Three (3) (including children and infants).

Is there an age limit to visit an inmate?  Yes; NYS Minimum Standards for Local Correctional Facilities states that ONLY persons 18 years of age or older may visit an inmate within a facility.  Should a person under 18 years of age wish to visit an inmate, they MUST be accompanied by his/her parent or legal guardian (court appointed with paperwork presented before visit).  The parent or legal guardian must also remain during the entire visitation with the underage person.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

What kind of ID is allowed or required to visit an inmate?  You MUST produce at each and every appointment a government-issued picture ID with your correct date of birth on it. Preferably, a state driver's license or identification card (available at NYS DMV for a minimal fee) OR a valid picture ID with birth certificate.

How are visitation appointments made?  Either in person by request to the jail officer working the control room OR by calling the jail at (585) 343-0838.  Please have the names of all the individuals that are planning on visiting, a daytime phone number and an approximate time and day you'd like to visit.  Please avoid calling between 6:45 am - 7:15 am, 2:45 pm - 3:15 pm, and 10:45 pm - 11:00 pm.

When are you able to schedule an appointment for the next week?  We schedule visits two (2) weeks at a time.  The next week will be open for scheduling on Saturdays at 7:00 am.

Can you tell me who has already booked the visits?  NO, we do not inform any visitors about an inmate's currently booked visits.  ONLY the inmate may request access to this information.

Can we switch a visit or the visitors?  You can ONLY switch a visit by notifying the jail at least 24 hours in advance.  Switching is based upon availability of day/time.  There is to be no substitution of visitors unless the jail has been notified 24 hours in advance.  NOTE: individuals who are on parole or probation must receive permission, in writing, from his/her current supervising officer before any visits can be made.

What is allowed inside the visitation area?  You are ONLY allowed to wear your clothes (no overly provocative clothing will be allowed).  NO items in your pockets, NO hats, bandannas, jackets, food, drinks, gum or candy.  The jail does provide lockers and plastic containers to secure visitor's items.  Each visitor is subject to be searched.

What can happen to me if I bring in contraband?  Contraband is anything that is not specifically allowed within the facility.   If you attempt to bring contraband into the Genesee County Jail, you will become the subject of a formal investigation whereby criminal charges may be filed.

Am I allowed to touch the inmate?  We, of course, understand the need for physical contact with your friends and family members; therefore, the jail has developed a policy whereby at the beginning and end of each visit you may embrace briefly.  There is to be no other contact during the visit.  Children and infants MUST remain on the visitor's side of the room and under your immediate supervision.

What can we bring to an inmate within the facility?  The jail currently has a commissary program whereby inmates are allowed to place an order for extra food, toiletry items, cards, letters, paper, pens, stamps, etc.  Each inmate is allowed to place an order on every Sunday, up to $80.00 worth of items, for delivery on Monday or Tuesday.  This means that cash or money orders are accepted and placed into each individual inmate's account. 

Inmates may also receive, in combination, a total of three (3) small, paperback books and magazines, with the exception of any that contain sexual penetration, guns, drugs, and self-defense (or any deemed inappropriate by the Officer in Charge); two (2) newspapers daily.  Inmates may also receive in total five (5) family pictures (NO POLAROIDS, NO PORTRAIT PHOTOS OVER 4X6 in size, and NO PHOTOS WITH ANY SEXUAL PENETRATION).  An inmate may receive three (3) white underwear, three (3) socks, three (3) short-sleeve tee shirts without pockets and one (1) thermal top, either white or off white, from an outside source as long as they are dropped off at the jail in the original, unopened retail package.

How long will it be before the inmate receives the items?  In general, all items will be received as soon as possible OR by the end of that current shift.  Each item must first be inspected for any contraband.

Can you tell me when my incarcerated friend has court?  No, for security reasons we do not release information about when inmates will be transported.  In many cases, we do not have court date information available.  Contact the court or the inmate's attorney for court information.

How do I contact the public defender’s office?  The Genesee County Public Defender’s Office is located in the County Courthouse (585) 344-2550 ext.2280.

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Female Inmates

I know a female inmate; where is she and how can I see her?  The Genesee County Jail DOES NOT house female inmates. They are housed at:    

Orleans County Jail, 26 Platt Street Albion, NY 14411
Phone:  (585) 589 – 4310, Fax:  (585) 589 - 2522

Wyoming County Jail, 151 North Main Street, Warsaw, NY 14569
Phone:  (585) 786 – 8808, Fax:  (585) 786 – 8573

Livingston County Jail, 4 Court Street, Geneseo, NY 14454
Phone: (585) 243 – 7100, Fax: (585) 243 – 7104

Allegany County Jail, 4884 State Street 19, Scio Road, Belmont, NY 14813
Phone:  (585) 268 – 9803, Fax:  (585) 268 - 9475

For visitation information, please contact the specific jail where the female is currently housed.  To post bail, come to the Genesee County Jail.


The Genesee County Jail's Weekend Work Detail consists of non-violent, low-risk individuals who are sentenced by courts to work, in lieu of incarceration.  Inmates are sentenced to report to the jail from 7:00 am to 3:15 pm on Saturdays and Sundays for a specified period of time.  Correction Officers are responsible for the supervision of the inmates and organizing their work assignments.  Jobs usually consist of manual labor details, such as trash pick up along highways, painting, and other labor intensive types of work.  The Work Detail performs jobs for municipalities and their affiliates.

If any not-for-profit organization is interested in obtaining the services of the Weekend Work Detail, they should contact Jail Superintendent William Zipfel at (585) 343-0838, Ext. 3951.

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