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The Career Assessment Center

"Better Assessment Means Greater Success!"

Who benefits from the Career Assessment Center advantage?

  • Career changers who need to make the best career choice.
  • Students unsure of their career goals.
  • Employers who can't afford costly hiring mistakes.
  • People with disabilities who wonder what careers are realistic for them.
  • Rehabilitation professionals looking for the best data to assist their clients.
  • Parents who want to be sure their child is making good career choices BEFORE spending their hard-earned dollars on college.
  • Managers who want to improve or enhance their management style.
  • ANYONE who wants to make the best use of their unique talents and personality to insure career success!


Interest Evaluation
Uses a graduated scale of your likes and dislikes to focus on career areas that offer you the best chance for job satisfaction.

Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator
Pinpoints your unique personality traits. Our trained evaluators will show you how to use those traits to find the perfect career for you and capitalize on your personality traits to move up the career ladder. Employers, find out which candidates are team players, which are independent thinkers, and how you can use the over 20 personality traits to match candidates to your needs.

Aptitude Testing
A variety of tests are available to help you pinpoint your natural talents and show you how to use them to excel in your career. Employers can use aptitude test results to identify candidates who have the potential to excel in specific jobs.

Physical Capabilities Evaluation
Using non-medical, work simulated testing, discover how your physical capabilities affect career choices. Minimize the likelihood of injuries and assess coordination capabilities for a variety of career areas.

Work Simulated Test Units
State of the art work simulated assessments evaluate individuals' ability to learn and perform successfully in a variety of occupational tasks required in today's job market.


Cost Effective
This uniquely flexible program offers high quality at a price to fit your budget. Complete assessment batteries are available or simply chose the tests that meet your needs.

Results You receive a complete assessment report detailing the results in a concrete, usable way. Detailed behavioral observations put the results into focus. A post assessment conference with the evaluator is available.

We provide a detailed list of occupations, which correspond with the test results.

A wide variety of assessment tools enable us to evaluate each individual's skills, aptitudes, interests, personality, and academic potential in a variety of ways.

"Better Assessment Means Greater Success!"


The Career Assessment Center
is conveniently located at
The Genesee County Career Center
Eastown Plaza
587 East Main Street, Suite 100
Batavia, NY 14020