Human Resources

Utilities Corrdinator / Data Analyst



DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:  This position involves responsibility for the operations, repair, maintenance, supervision, review, creation of water/wastewater and storm water systems projects, plants, and data. Additionally the incumbent will participate in reporting, planning, inspection of plants, while working with the municipalities to ensure proper rules, regulations, codes and legislation are met.  The work performed will be under general supervision by the Town Supervisor and the Town Engineer with leeway allowed for exercise of independent judgment and thinking when carrying out details of the work.  Does related work as required.


Oversees the installing, removing, calibrating, maintaining, repairing, rebuilding, testing and
     reading water meters and remote meter reading equipment;
Maintains detailed records and logs of water meter installation and related activities;
Creates new accounts for billing and recommends procedures to the Town Engineer;
Meets with water consumers to investigate complaints and inspect water meters and
plumbing for excessive water consumption;
Uses a personal computer to track and aggregate consumption information for billing
     records, locate maps used for shutoffs and repairs and to turn on and off accounts;
Participates in the preparation of water and sewer bill collection rolls and related individual
     home and business billing;
May supervise customer billing including coordination with billing clerk;
Oversees the maintenance of water consumption meter readings and related records;
Assists in the compilation of data and background material;
Makes frequent inspection of water and wastewater plants and equipment, in order to
     check operations and execute repairs;
Supervises, and participates in, the operation of the plants to assure the most economical
     and efficient use of equipment, supplies, and staff;
Plans, and oversees, the repair and service of water and sewer lines;
Enforces water and sewer ordinances;
Maintains water and sewer system operating records;
Maintains records of physical facilities such as maps, plans, blueprints, equipment  
     specifications, equipment, facilities operating manuals and other departmental records,
Investigates water system leaks and takes appropriate corrective action;
Coordinates, and inspects, new water service installations to ensure conformance with
Makes frequent inspection of pumping plants, water and wastewater plants, equipment,
     and reservoirs in order to check operations and execute repairs;
Plans for future water supply;
Supervises and follows regular periodic program to inspect, clean and maintain lines in all
     districts; as well as all pumps, electrical equipment and chlorinating equipment;
Performs field work to visibly verify the existence and/or location of municipal assets;
Inspects water and wastewater installations and repairs to ensure that the work complies
     with municipal codes, signs off on complete installations and repairs;
Assists in the development of a GIS by linking database information to graphic elements
     and images;
Compiles sources of data and creates GIS files; designs processes to link databases and
     corresponding geographic features;
Records information relative to installations, and repairs, updates water and wastewater
     maps on index cards, field books or G IS database as required;
Creates and maintains records and reports relative to the work performed;
Contacts contractors, plumbers, businesses, homeowners and/or public works employees
     to obtain and disseminate information relative to water and wastewater systems
     including information on pressures and flows;
Performs basic calculations and computations relative to the work performed;
Maintains different types of instrumentation, control equipment associated with the
     operation of pumps stations, including but not limited to breakers, contactors, relays and
     floats, electrical services, distribution equipment, including emergency generators and
     transfer switches;
Periodically performs work in a hazardous atmosphere and confined space;
Provides technical assistance to municipalities with regard to developing and implementing
     local legislation, rules and regulations to monitor and protect natural resources including
     groundwater supplies and surface water resources;
Performs general office duties and operate standard office equipment including
     photocopiers and fax machines;


Good knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry;

Ability to use computer software such as spreadsheets, data base mangers;

Good knowledge of principles and procedures of engineering inspections;

Skill in engineering techniques and practices;

Ability to use mathematical tables;

Ability to perform trigonometric calculations;

Ability to read engineering maps, blueprints and sketches;

Ability to understand written and oral instructions and specifications;

Ability to write narrative reports;

Ability to develop public relations in dealing with workers, officials and citizens;

Ability to use professional judgment;

Ability to perform advanced mathematical and statistical procedures;




Mechanical aptitude;

QUALIFICATIONS:  Graduation from high school or possession of an appropriate equivalency diploma recognized by the NYS Dept. of Education, AND

     A.          Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered four year
                  college or university with a Bachelor's Degree in engineering, environmental
                  engineering, ;  OR

     B.          Possession of a  Professional Engineer’s License issued by the State of New

Must possess a valid, appropriate level NYS Driver’s License at time of appointment.




Adopted:  March 28, 2014