Human Resources

Plumbing Inspector (City of Batavia)

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:This is important skilled inspection work involving responsibility for the enforcement of the Municipal Plumbing Code.  Errors on inspections or lack of efficient enforcement may endanger the health or safety of the community.  An employee in this class receives supervision regarding policies and objectives from a superior, but independently plans and carries out the details of the work.  Employees in this class will be responsible for developing skills and knowledge in building inspection in order to support the Building Inspector and/or to perform some of the less technically required work of the Building Inspector.  These skills and knowledge will be developed on the job and as a result, work pertaining to these skills may be assigned on an as-needed basis by a higher level administrative officer.  The work is reviewed by means of periodic reports and inspections.  Does related work, as required.

Reviews plans for plumbing alterations and additions and related excavation of streets toascertain compliance with plumbing code and established regulations;
Issues and files notices, certifications and permits for plumbing work;     
Gives information to plumbers, architects, contractors and the general public regarding plumbing        and drainage code and regulations;
Inspects installed pipes, fixtures and traps for compliance with code and permit;
Sees that installations are air and water tight and that proper back fences are installed if needed;
Inspects pipes, fittings, fixtures and other materials to ascertain quality and adequacy;
Inspects all street openings made to gain access to sewer, water or gas lines to insure that proper Procedures are followed;
Inspects restored street openings to insure that they have been properly refilled in accordance with established regulations;
Receives complaints and inspects potential hazardous and faulty plumbing equipment and   installations;
Reports unsatisfactory or illegal plumbing work to Examining Board of Plumbers and recommends appropriate action;
Makes inspections of residential buildings and takes action as required to obtain compliance with  minimum Housing Standards in accordance with the Municipal Code;
Makes occasional inspections of buildings to insure compliance with Building Code;
Under the supervision of the City Engineer, may assist in surveys, measurements, inspections,     drafting and office work related to municipal engineering and construction projects;
Occasionally conducts miscellaneous code enforcement inspections and takes appropriate action to obtain compliance with any section of the Municipal Code as directed by an administrative supervisor;

The above examples of duties are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND/OR PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS:Thorough knowledge of modern principles, methods and materials used in plumbing installations; thorough knowledge of the Municipal Plumbing Code; good knowledge of basic principles involved in plumbing work; ability to read and interpret building and plumbing plans and specifications; working knowledge of the requirements of the local building code and the zoning code, and of the New York State Multiple Residence Law; ability to establish and maintain cooperative and effective relationships with the general public; firmness and tact; initiative and resourcefulness; good judgment; good physical condition commensurate with the demands of the job.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:Graduation from a standard Senior High School, and either:
A.  Three (3) years of experience as a journeyman plumber
B   Any equivalent combination of experience and training.

Eligibility for a master plumber’s license and a certificate of competency from the Examining Board of Plumbers.  Possession of an automobile driver’s license issued by the State of New York