Departments G-O


Genesee Justice
Located - 14 West Main Street
Phone - (585) 815-7821
Fax - (585) 345-3095

The mission of the Genesee County Criminal Justice System is to promote the public good and safety by seeking solutions to crime, which preserve life, protect property, hold those who violate public trust accountable and giving standing to victims. This is accomplished through community participation, crime prevention, education and by monitoring and assessing the Criminal Justice System itself. The ultimate intent is multi-focused: To preserve life, protect property and promote the rights of all citizens, to make the criminal justice system accountable to the victim, offender and community-at-large, to enhance the criminal justice system through planning and research.

Located - 153 Cedar Street
Phone - (585) 344-8508
County Highway Superintendent - Tim Hens

The Genesee County Highway Department is responsible for maintaining over 257 miles of county roads, 380 bridges and culverts, 358 county-owned vehicles and equipment, the Genesee County Airport and the Genesee County Parks, Recreation and Forestry Division. We have enhanced several programs to provide the essential transportation improvements that will last well into the next century. We are continually looking at the way we do business to ensure we remain productive. Through our strong planning, engineering and operational practices, the Genesee County Highway Department has re-emerged as a leader in the community and is an example of how local government truly serves the people.

Located - County Building II, 3837 West Main St. Rd.
Phone - (585) 815-7904
Records Retention-Center
Located - 3837 West Main St. Rd.
Phone - (585) 815-7904
County Historian - Michael Eula

The Genesee County History Department is an educational institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, research, interpretation, and promotion of archival materials relating to the County. The purpose of this department is to provide protection and a systematic control for the records created by our local government. Records Management is an administrative service that ensures the legal disposition of obsolete records, identifies, preserves, and encourages the use of archival records, provides efficient records storage, and makes records available when needed. The main services of the History Department are Assistance and Research for Requests, Public Speaking in our County Schools and Organizations, Tours of the Department and the Records Center, Referrals to Historical Agencies and New York State Historians and Assistance with Records Storage and Preservation.

Human Resources
Located - County Building I. 15 Main Street
Phone - (585) 815-7805
Human Resources Director - Anita Cleveland

The Human Resources Department administers New York State Civil Service Law for the County as well as all municipalities, school districts, and libraries within the County; serves as the central personnel agency for all units of the County government including administration of the County's health benefits; and is responsible for the conduct of labor relation activities for all bargaining units within County Government. Departmental services benefit one, public employers by providing them qualified eligibles for employment, as well as training and guidance in labor relation issues; two, Genesee County residents by providing them the opportunity of public employment based solely on merit and fitness, and the provision of public services by qualified workers; and three, Genesee County employees by providing them a resource for any and all personnel and labor related questions and/or issues they may have.

Information Technology
Located - County Building II. 3837 West Main Street
Phone - (585) 815-7902
Fax - (585) 345-3060
Director of IT - Michael Burns

The primary objective of the Information Technology department is to provide technology support and service to the county departments. This includes application software and data support; recommendations for hardware, software and operating systems for the county’s main computers and microcomputers; and telecommunication support for the county’s voice and data communications. IT is also the cost center for the County’s networks (telephone and computer). There are three major functions of Information Technology: Technical Services, Customer Support, and Systems Development.

Job Development Bureau
Located - 587 East Main Street
Phone - (585) 344-2042 
Fax - (585) 344-4495
Employment & Training Director II - Teresa VanSon

The Job Development Bureau’s purpose is to provide programs and services which will result in our customers becoming self sufficient, achieving their career goals, and becoming part of the skilled workforce of Genesee County and the surrounding labor market area. Our customers are sponsored only for careers where there is sufficient employer demand. Our services result in an improved economic as well as social environment for all Genesee County residents and businesses. The Job Development Bureau provides our job-seeking customers with help in selecting the appropriate career; developing a plan to assure success; and securing financial assistance to cover the costs of their training. The Job Development Bureau acts as the Fiscal Agent and Grant Recipient for all Workforce Investment Act Funding received for the counties of Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming (GLOW). These duties include all financial reporting and monitoring regarding the distribution of funds to program operators.

Justice for Children Advocacy Center (JFCAC)
Located - 304 East Main Street
Phone - (585) 344-8576
Fax - (585) 345-3090
Director - Theresa Asmus-Roth

The Justice for Children Advocacy Center offers a unique, comprehensive approach to services for children who have been sexually or physically abused, or who have been a witness to violence.  The Justice for Children Advocacy Center serves as a "one stop shop" for children, families, and professionals by bringing everyone together in a warm, safe, and child-friendly location.  It is the agency's strong belief that children who have been victimized should not be re-victimized by the very system which is in place to protect them.  Thus, the goal of the Justice for Children Advocacy Center is to improve the response to child abuse by eliminating multiple interviews and examinations of children, providing quick access to mental health, victim advocacy, and support services for children and families and enhancing multidisciplinary communication and coordination.

Located - Old Courthouse, 7 Main Street
Phone - (585) 815-7818
Fax - (585) 345-3078
Chair - Rochelle M. Stein
Clerk to the County Legislature - Lisa Casey

Genesee County Legislature Standing Committees are responsible for the legislative policy, development, and budget review for the following areas under their jurisdiction: Ways and Means, Public Service, and Health Service.

Mental Health
Located - 5130 East Main St. Rd. (Clinic & Day Center)
Phone - (585) 344-1421
Fax - (585) 345-3080

Genesee Mental Health Services consist of a number of distinct programs designed to help individuals, families, and agencies that are experiencing a variety of mental health needs. Our Mission is to assist county residents with symptoms of mental health in achieving and maintaining their highest level of functioning.

Motor Vehicle Office
Located - County Building I. 15 Main Street
Phone - (585) 815-7806
Fax - (585) 344-8521
County Clerk - Michael Cianfrini

The Motor Vehicle Office provides information on Renewing Locally, Junior Driver's License, Learner's Permits, Non Driver IDs, License and Permits, Registrations and Titles, Insurance Information and Dealers in the area.

Office for the Aging
Located - 2 Bank Street
Phone - (585) 343-1611
Fax - (585) 345-3086
Director of Office for the Aging - Diana Fox

The Genesee County Office for the Aging (OFA) offers a variety of programs and services to all county residents who are age 60 and over. It is the mission of the Genesee County Office for the Aging to provide information, support and advocacy to our residents 60 years of age and older, their caregivers and disabled persons of all ages. Our aim is to promote their independence and improve their quality of life.