Departments A-F

Located - East Saile Drive
Phone - (585) 344-8532

The County Airport completed its second successful year in a row under the management of the County Highway Department. Airport operations created positive revenue for the County in the amount of $27,575. The expanding facility continues to be an important piece of the transportation infrastructure of the County and a significant tool for economic development.

Animal Shelter
Located - 3841 West Main St. Rd.
Phone - (585) 343-6410

The Animal Shelter loves to help as many animals as possible. In 2006 Volunteers For Animals spent over $30,000 on veterinary care, medications, tests, and spay/neuter surgeries. We are dedicated to making sure that every animal leaves the Shelter with certain vaccines, flea/worming treatment, and tests. Only residents of Genesee County may surrender an animal at the Genesee County Animal Shelter though.

Located - 1 West Main Street
Phone - (585) 815-7809
Executive Director - Ashley Hausfelder 

To provide trained community volunteers to advocate for the best interests of those children who come to the attention of Family Court as a result of abuse or neglect.

Central Services/Purchasing
Located - County Building I. 15 Main Street
Phone - (585) 344-2550 x2201
Fax - (585) 345-3075
Purchasing Director - Chester J. Kaleta

The Central Services Department administers the purchasing functions for Genesee County. This includes the procurement of materials, supplies, equipment and services. The Mission of Central Services is to provide for the procurement of the highest quality goods and services at the most efficient cost for county departments. This is achieved by utilizing the Sealed Bid, Request For Proposal and Quoting procedures. Purchasing is committed to implementing new strategies of reducing operating costs through procuring products and services that represent the best value for department users and local taxpayers. Central Services maintains the Inventory Control records and appraisal of County property for fixed asset purposes. Central Service Printing and Mail Division offers printing, forms design, postal service and interoffice courier service to all County departments.

County Clerk
Located - County Building I. 15 Main Street
Phone - (585) 815-7802
Fax - (585) 345-3076
County Clerk - Michael Cianfrini

The County Clerk's mission is to provide the residents of the County of Genesee with the best service possible pertaining to their legal matters, motor vehicle and license transactions and personal business transactions. To preserve and safeguard the integrity of the records of the County for historical research, current transactions and permanent retention.

Located - Courts Facility, 1 West Main Street

Children's Center - (585) 344-2550 ext. 2439
City Court - (585) 815-7810
Commissioner of Jurors - (585) 815-7811
County Court - (585) 815-7812
Drug Court - (585) 344-2550 ext. 2442
Family Court - (585) 815-7814
Family Treatment Court - (585) 344-2550 ext. 2484
Law Library - (585) 344-2550 ext. 2224
Supreme Court - (585) 815-7816
Surrogate - (585) 815-7817

County Manager/Budget Officer
Phone - (585) 815-7819 
Fax - (585) 344-8582
County Manager - L. Matthew Landers

Genesee County is a nonchartered county. It is for this reason that the Manager's authority, power and responsibilities are directly dependent upon the desires and wishes of the nine County Legislators. The County Manager serves at the pleasure of and works directly for the County Legislature. The Manager is responsible for carrying out the policies it sets and is charged with the overall supervision and coordination of all county departments. This Office is the liaison between the County Departments and the County Legislature.

County Treasurer
Located - County Building I. 15 Main Street
Phone - (585) 815-7803
Fax - (585) 344-2442
Treasurer - Scott D. German

The Treasurer’s Office is a mandated department by New York State and County law. The department is responsible for fiscal management for the county including fiscal records, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, tax collection, and cash management. All Genesee County residents and County departments benefit from the services provided by the Treasurer’s Office. Numerous functions are handled in the Treasurer’s Office that often go overlooked. Some of these lesser known responsibilities include the issuance of Certificates of Residency to more than 300 students annually, the maintenance of bail funds and court & trust monies, the receipt and distribution of both sales tax and mortgage tax monies to local municipalities, the collection and distribution of bed tax monies, along with various other tasks.

District Attorney
Located - Courts Facility 1 West Main St. Rd.
Phone - (585) 815-7878
Fax - (585) 345-3096
District Attorney - Kevin T. Finnell

The District Attorney’s Office prosecutes all criminal charges brought to this office by various arresting agencies in Genesee County. We assist the police agencies in pre-arrest investigations and applications for Search Warrants. We draft all legal documents, prepare for and participate in hearings, negotiate pleas, prepare for trials, select juries and prosecute cases through the verdict and sentencing. The District Attorney’s office prosecutes all misdemeanor cases in every Town, Village and City Court in the County. We also prosecute Vehicle and Traffic Law violations and Penal Law violations (non-criminal offenses). The District Attorney’s Office prosecutes all Violations of Probation at both the County and City/Town/Village levels, as referred to the office by the Genesee County Probation Department. Furthermore, our Office represents the interests of the People of the State of New York in the County’s Drug and DWI Treatment Courts, held in the Batavia City Court, as well as the Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Court held in Supreme Court.

Located - County Building I. 15 Main Street
Phone - (585) 815-7804
Fax - (585) 344-8562
Elections Commissioners - Lorie Longhany & Richard Siebert

The Constitution of the State of New York provides for the appointment of bipartisan Boards of Elections whose responsibility would include the duties of registering voters maintain voter registration records and conduct elections, administering the Election Law in a fair and honest manner. The Board of Elections has as its goal the protection of the voting public in every aspect of their participation in the electoral process, from registration to their involvement as candidates, if that is their desire, to the final recording of their votes. The entire process involves the maintenance of all records accurately and completely, the explanation of the intricacies of the caucus and petition processes as well as campaign finance responsibilities.

Emergency Management Services
Located - 7690 State Street Road
Phone - (585) 344-0078 
Fax - (585) 815-7804
Mutual Aid
165 Park Road
Phone - (585) 343-3311
Coordinator of Emergency Management Services - Tim Yaeger

The Emergency Management Services Office is responsible for the overall coordination of 17 volunteer fire departments. Emergency Medical Services and 1 career department. The coordination of services these agencies provide represents a geographical area of 501 square miles which includes a population of approximately 61,000 people. The office also serves as the liaison between local governments and State and Federal agencies during natural disasters and/or manmade emergencies. additionally, the office provides numerous Fire/EMS training programs required by the NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control and the NYS Department of Health to our local emergency responders. The department continues to update and revise emergency response plans which are designed to assist local jurisdictions during emergencies. The office provides the services of specialized response teams to jurisdictions during times when local resources have been exhausted or specialized equipment may be required.