County Treasurer

Budget Information

Key 2023 Accomplishments:

  • Foreclosed on properties owing the 2020 tax.  The auction was held online only this year.  The auction netted approximately $81,477.
  • Successfully completed 2022 calendar year audit with the County’s new independent auditing firm Drescher & Malecki, LLP. The County received an unqualified opinion and was notified that the County’s financial operations are run very well.
  • The County has maintained a bond rating of AA- from S&P Rating Agency.
  • At the request of the Oakfield-Alabama Central School District, the Treasurer’s Office continued handling tax collection for the School.
  • Continued to support all of the local assessors in carrying out their assessment duties.  Supported the Towns of Alabama, Byron, Elba, and Oakfield with annual assessment update duties for the 2023 assessment rolls. Continued collaboration with IT to house countywide assessment data for the entire county.
  • Continued maintenance of online assessment data sources including PROS, Parcel History Database (PHD) and GIS.
  • The Real Property Division has continued the tax map maintenance contract with the Orleans County Real Property Department to perform the tax map maintenance of over 22,000 parcels in Orleans County.

Key 2024 Goals:

  • Work with the NYS County Treasurers and Finance Officers Association to try to draft workable State legislation in response to the Supreme Court case that requires public tax foreclosure proceeds to be paid to the former property owner(s).
  • Continue working with Three+One to maximize the County’s interest earnings.
  • Complete the annual independent audit with auditors Drescher & Malecki and implement any newly required GASB accounting standards.
  • Continue to work with the Town Clerks who are utilizing the online tax payments and make this available to any other towns that are interested in setting this service up for their residents.
  • Continue to provide tax collection services for Oakfield-Alabama Central School District as well as any other school districts that have interest in this service.
  • Handle tax collection on behalf of the Town of Bethany.
  • Continue the in-house maintenance of the County’s tax maps and continue the collaborative effort with Orleans County Real Property in regards to the tax map maintenance contract.  Upgrade the software used for the tax maps prior to the current version no longer being supported.
  • Support the continued development of the GIS site.
  • Continued support of the online assessment information that has been made available to the public.
  • Continue to support and maintain the virtual desktops and server which houses all of Genesee County’s assessment data.

Budget Highlights:

  • The difference between budgeted and actual revenues in 2022 is largely due to the Oakfield-Alabama Central School tax collection contract that started in 2022 as well as an increase in bed tax revenues from which the Treasurer’s Office receives a set percentage.
  • The increase in 2024 budgeted revenue is primarily due to anticipated growth in bed tax revenues as well as anticipated revenue from a 2024 tax collection agreement with the Town of Bethany.
  • The increase in 2024 budgeted expenses is primarily due to increased personnel salary / fringe costs.

Budget Indicators




Fiscal Management of County Budget 158,973,466 162,675,497  
General Fund Invest Earnings 1,111,513 4,300,000 2,500,000
Open Court & Trust Cases 3 3
Tax Searches 58 55 55
Certificates of Residency Issued 273 250 250
General Fund Checks 4,320 4,000 3,800
Payroll Checks Issued 418 400 375
All Other Checks 15,630 15,100 14,600
All Wire & ACH Transactions 24,888 26,000 27,000 
State/Federal Claims 442 450 450
Number of Accounts with Financial Institutions (incl. Treasuries) 20 20 20
Tax Receipts Issued 864 850 825
Number of Deposits Made 491 550 550
General Ledger Transactions 53,728 54,000 54,500
Active Capital Projects 5961   60
Property Transfers 1,610 1,450 1,400
Merge Requests Processed 21 20 20
Board of Assessment Review Members Trained 13 11 12
Assessment Update Projects Completed 9 4 10

By Object






Salary / Fringe 721,116 727,032 752,417 748,400 790,900
Equipment 0 0 0 0 0
Contractual 90,615 83,122 109,685 99,500 105,275
Total Appropriation 811,731 810,154 862,102 847,900 896,175
Revenue 235,583 255,638 249,670 254,000 261,033
Net County Support 576,148 554,516 612,432 593,900 635,142
FTE's 8 8 8 8 8