County Clerk

Frequently Asked Questions

Abstracts of Title

The abstract of title, or search, for your property is not filed in our office. Please contact the attorney who represented you when you purchased the property.


Sealed and may only be opened upon Court Order.

Back Taxes on Real Estate

This information is available from the Genesee County Treasurer’s Office 585-344-2550 ext. 2210.

Birth Certificates, Death Certificates & Marriage Certificates/Licenses

Are available from the local town, village or city clerk where the event occurred. See complete list of Municipal Clerks or check our Genealogy section for research purposes.

*The State of New York did not mandate the filing of birth, death and marriage records until 1880. Prior to that time only a few records exist of an official nature as compiled by the municipal historians and/or clerks from church records or newspaper accounts. Of course this information will vary greatly depending upon the particular municipality and official.

DBA’s, Corporations, related forms

See our page on Corporations/DBA’s


Matrimonial records are sealed and only available to the parties involved or the attorney of record. (you must present photo I.D. for access to these records)


Payment of fines must be made with the court assessing the fine.

Examples: If you had a traffic violation in the City of Batavia the fine is due and payable to the Batavia City Court; if you had a fine assessed in the Bergen Town Justice Court, the fine is due and payable to the Bergen Town Justice Court. County Court ordered fines are payable at Genesee County Probation Dept.

Payment of surcharges ordered by Genesee County Court, are paid at the County Clerk’s Office.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Available from town, village or city clerks (see list of Municipal Clerks), also available in stores that sell sporting goods.

Limited Liability Partnership

See our page for official designation of publication


Surveys are not usually filed with our office, more often they are maintained in your files, or the files of your attorney who represented you when you purchased the property