County Attorney

County Attorney

County Attorney's Office

The mission of the Genesee County Office of the County Attorney is to serve as the legal counsel for Genesee County and its offices, boards, divisions, commissioners, department heads, officers, and employees.  The County Attorney's Office, excluding matters handled by Family Services Attorneys, is responsible for all civil legal work for the County, directly or through of-counsel relationships.

Our responsibilities include:
•             Representing Genesee County Legislature, County Manager, Commissioners, Department Heads, and County employees on legal matters.
•             Handling civil litigations and administrative proceedings at Federal, State, and local levels.
•             Providing legal advice and counsel to County officials, divisions, departments, and employees.
•             Drafting Local Laws and Resolutions to meet the evolving needs of the County.
•             Reviewing and preparing contracts authorized by the County Legislature.
•             Assisting in disciplinary matters, including prosecution and settlement.
•             Managing real property issues like tax foreclosures, bankruptcies, and environmental claims.
•             Conducting confidential investigations.

We collaborate closely with the County Manager to implement Legislative directives and ensure legal compliance and best practices in all County affairs. Our mission is to uphold the law, protect County interests, and support effective governance in service to Genesee County, New York residents.

County Attorney: Mark S. Boylan, Esq.
Phone: 585-815-7872