Corporate Compliance Program

Corporate Compliance Program

Genesee County 
Corporate Compliance Program
Compliance Awareness Poster
Preventing and detecting health care fraud and abuse activities is an important fiduciary responsibility of the County Legislature, management and all employees.  Contact the compliance office if you suspect an employee or an agent of Genesee County of non-compliance, fraud, waste or abuse. 
Local Anonymous Fraud Hot-Line: (585) 815-7830
or report directly to:

 Pamela LaGrou  Compliance Officer  (585) 344-2550 Ext. 2212 
 L. Matthew Landers  County Manager  (585) 344-2550 Ext. 2284
 Tammi Ferringer  Deputy County Manager  (585) 344-2550 Ext. 2200
 Gregg Torrey  Legislative Liaison  (585) 507-8139

Your comments will be heard, and all reported issues will be investigated.
All reports can be made without worry of retaliation or intimidation.
Click on the links below for the Corporate Compliance Plan or Compliance Committee Charter.
Genesee County Corporate Compliance Plan
Genesee County Compliance Committee Charter
Employee Fraud Prevention Policy
Contractor Fraud Prevention Policy

Report Fraud at

NYS Toll Free: 1-877-87-FRAUD (1-
State of New York