Phase I - Road Map

Phase I - Genesee County Road Map

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Green Genesee Smart Genesee safeguards our air, soil, and water in support of a growing economy and a high quality of life today and tomorrow.

The purpose of GGSG is to create tools and provide resources that help guide land and energy use in Genesee County. This will allow continued development of viable and lasting economies and strong, vital communities.

The GGSG project is supported by community and science, guided by a group of diverse stakeholders including municipal leaders, farmers, business owners, lawmakers, residents, environmental professionals, and students.

Green Genesee Road Map

The above map was developed using a green infrastructure approach that considered the presence of natural features such as wetlands, forests, and rivers. It is non-regulatory, and it is meant to give regulators information on the location of natural resources so they can use community priorities to plan for the future.